Hi there😁

We are Code:Nation from Florianópolis, Brazil. We love tech, coffee, barbecue and playing ping-pong! 🕹☕️ 🍖 🏓 (click here to meet our team). We’re also passionate about helping technology companies to find, hire and build dream teams made up of great engineers - no matter where in the world they’re from!


We believe that great professionals know other great professionals. And that one qualified referral is thousands of times more valuable than 50 regular applications.

So we’ve built a platform that feeds an ever growing database of amazing engineers (Influencers in their areas) - from various countries - where they can refer candidates from their local networks to our clients’ open job positions. Making it easier for those tech companies to find and hire the right talent they need, regardless of their current location.

Our goal is to keep knocking down borders to connect the right candidate with the right company while optimizing the hiring processes to be much more sustainable and affordable.

If you’re a company or engineer that - just like us - thinks it is important to build core teams with the right engineers no matter where they’re from and that the best way to find them is by asking for other great professional’s referrals, please get in touch! We would love to chat with you about it 😊