How sexy is your company to a Top international Engineer?

How sexy is your company to a Top international Engineer?

Do you know how good is your company to attract the most qualified engineers worldwide?

In my previous post I’ve covered the importance to a company growing its core team to be looking to professionals from other countries (click here if you want to read it).

The characteristics that don’t seem sexy enough to convince top engineers in your country to join your team, can be a positive deal breaker to worldwide professionals — and you should be using it in your favor!

No, I’m not talking just about flexible hours and free food. I’m talking about the details, the big and little experiences you can provide them. Things that those professionals in countries like Brazil are not getting from their home country companies.

Yes, top international engineers are willing to move to your country and/or work remotely!


It still surprises me every time we talk to a new client here at Code:Nationwho is shocked to find out how much those high qualified professionals they’re talking to — who are from countries like Brazil — are willing to work internationally or remotely for them!

Hello! Great professionals, no matter where they’re from, are always looking for the next career challenge. And what is a better career challenge for a great professional, who’s already achieved the top in his/her home country, than a job opportunity at an international company?

If you’re reading this you’ve probably been thinking about hiring some international people, aren’t you? :)

So, I’m going straight to the point and share some of the things we found out to appeal sexy to the high qualified engineers in our platform:


A high qualified engineer from remote places, such as Brazil, looking for a job opportunity abroad wants one of the two things:

  • Have the experience of living and working abroad;
  • Or having the possibility to work and live anywhere in the world where he/she wants, while working remotely.


Can you provide an in site job with Visa and everything? Great! Let them know! They might live far away and have families, but mostly of the great engineers from remote places are thirsty for an international experience, where they can work with people from other places and learn from them.

If you have a mix of cultures in your team, or even several offices in different cities where this professional could be working at, use it in your favor! Let them know how many nice people they would be working with and how cool your city is!


You can’t provide working visas, but you can do remote work? That’s great too! Even the people looking for the opportunity to live abroad don’t mind working remotely, as long as they have the possibility to travel and maybe work for a few weeks every year at the company’s headquarters. They want an international experience, but that doesn’t mean they want it all year long!

If you can’t provide working visas, mostly of the professionals are ok with business trips once in awhile, just to keep in touch with the rest of the colleagues.

Some of them are also happy just with the opportunity to work and interact with their fellow colleagues through the internet!

If you can offer any of these international experiences, use it in your favor do find amazing professionals outside your network!


Let’s face it. Even if you’re offering this international professionals a work visa and a great salary to work at your Bay Area based company, it still isn’t enough!

A high qualified candidate is looking for the next career challenge where they have room to grow! They’re not moving their entire lives just to live abroad and be one more person in the team — they want to be challenged.


They want to be able to contribute, to learn, to be an essential piece in the process!

Show them how much room they have to grow in the team. How much this team works together and how big he/she could become by joining your company.


You’re offering in site/remote work. You are offering an entire personalized career plan. That’s good. But it’s not going to work if your technology isn’t appealing to this candidate.

We’ve seen many great professionals complain about companies with not attractive technology approaching them!

The technology is as much important to a great engineer as it is the next career step and life goals. Make sure this candidate is really into the technology you’re working on, because that’s one of the most important things that will keep this professional with you for years!


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Have you ever worked with multicultural teams? How was your experience of finding and approaching candidates? I would love to know what worked (or not) during your process. Leave me a comment and let’s talk!