The 4 Steps to Recruit top of the market Software Engineers who will stay with you for a long time to come

The 4 Steps to Recruit top of the market Software Engineers who will stay with you for a long time to come

(This text was originally posted as an Linkedin article by Krislaine Kuchenbecker.)


We’ve recently published a White Paper focused on helping tech companies thinking about building core teams outside of Silicon Valley and I’ve decided to share parts of the document in this short article.

The steps I mentioned below are all part of successful hiring techniques that we’ve incorporated in our platform at Code:Nation to help our clients from Bay Area, NYC, Brazil and Europe to connect with incredible Software Engineers worldwide — quickly, without losing quality. So, as you will see, it doesn’t matter where your company is located, you can also follow those same steps towards recruiting the best Software Engineers to contribute with your company’s growth for a long time.


This is a reduced version of the White Paper. For the original one, click here.


You don’t want to hire the wrong Software Engineers. You also don’t want to attract the wrong candidates and lose precious time in the hiring process (analyzing code, interviewing). We encourage you to follow the 4 steps below in order to connect with the right candidates and focus on getting qualified leads for your internal hiring process.

Here at Code:Nation, we take these steps very seriously. We’ve incorporated them into our product to help our partners make better hiring decisions; to eliminate the waste of precious resources on the wrong candidates. We want our partners to focus on building their companies with the best people, not on thousands of unqualified resumes.


Step 1: Referral | Referral first, Coding testing second!

Referrals are the base of our company! We believe that to find the best people, you need to get referrals from the best people. Tests can be manipulated — referrals from trustworthy professionals can not. Having a highly qualified Engineer refer to you someone they’ve previously worked with and providing you the inside information as to how this person is in a professional work environment is critical to making an informed hiring decision. That’s why all of our platforms work and grow by having Influencers in their areas referring professionals they respect.

Before code testing every single candidate who sends a resume, focus on finding ways and tools to get referrals from trustworthy tech people.

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Step 2: Career Moment

Now you have a referral from a respected tech influencer. Next, you need to decide if this is the appropriate time in this candidate’s career and life to join a team abroad?

Having an amazing coding skill set is important, but it’s equally important to know that this candidate is mentally prepared for the endeavor.

If they’re too young in their career, they will be anxious. This happens when someone is not ready — technically and personally — to achieve certain goals. They don’t know how to deal with the complexities of working remotely and tend to get anxious. This, unfortunately, results in loss of productivity for your business.

If they’re too late in their career, they will be bored. That’s what happens when someone is not being challenged!

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Step 3: Work Dynamics

Besides being highly qualified and at the right career moment, the ideal candidate should also be aware of the future work dynamics to avoid breaking expectations that could lead a departure from the company.

Where are they going to work? Full time at an office or can they work from a location of their choice? How many days a week are they going to have online meetings with the headquarter team? Who are the Engineers they’ll be working with? How are they going to be paid? These are honest concerns that need to be pre-set before a hire happens.

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Step 4: Keep your internal hiring process

Again, we’re going to give you the same advice we give to our clients: Keep your internal hiring process. Even if Steve Wozniak himself referred you a candidate, you still should keep to your internal hiring process after getting a lead.

You can have all the help in the world to filter and connect with ultra-qualified Engineers, but it’s only during your internal hiring process that you’ll feel that little sparkle that tells you this person has the cultural fit to join your team.

(continues at White Paper)

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These 4 Steps are just a small part of the White Paper: BUILDING A TECH TEAM OUTSIDE OF SILICON VALLEY THAT REALLY WORKS. To continue reading, and to share with us your doubts and thoughts about the subject, download it by clicking here — it’s free.