Checklist: How to Tell If You Need a Recruitment Platform to get Referrals

Checklist: How to Tell If You Need a Recruitment Platform to get Referrals


As someone who spends precious time looking for the next team addition and feels all the struggles of a hiring process - from scanning endless non qualified CVs to trying to convince that top talent tech professional to change companies - you know that a little bit of outside help might be a game change for you.

External recruiters. Generic headhunting platforms. Job ads. LinkedIn searches. They all emerge at some point as alternative to help CTO’s, CPO’s and Talent Acquisitions to find the perfect matching candidates.

But, let’s be honest. You know from experience the best way to actually find the candidate you’re looking for is by using referrals of trustworthy professionals. Right?

If you have a successful tech company you know you need to keep growing your tech team with highly qualified engineers, preferably referred by trustworthy people - because you have no time to spend on non suitable employees. You need to make an assertive hire right in the beginning

So, here’s a checklist to tell if your company has already reached that point and needs a recruitment platform to get candidate’s referrals from worldwide tech influencers and make the best hiring decisions. 


1) You’re not receiving enough highly qualified applications

You worked hard on writing a job description that shows who you are as a company and as a team. Made it clear the professional you’re looking for and that you’re open to keep a conversation with professionals that don’t match 100% of the requirements. But still are not receiving dozens of daily qualified applications as imagined? 

The reason is simple: great professionals are hard to get - and mostly of the time are not looking for a new job opportunity. They need to be “seduced” and having the help of someone they trust referring them is key to reaching out these candidates. 

So, if you’re not receiving enough highly qualified applications, having the help of a recruitment platform to get referrals might be the best solution for you. It will allow you to connect with candidates you wouldn’t without the help of these trustworthy professionals referring candidates.


2) You’re spending time and money on ads

I’m not saying investing in ads to attract candidates to your open job positions is wrong. But, as you’re probably doing this to reach a set of candidates you physically can’t because you’re in different networks, again that might be a sign it would be best to use a referral recruitment platform to achieve your goals.

Like said in the previously topic, great professionals are not so open to new job opportunities and having the help of other tech professionals to refer them is more productive than trying to reach them trough expensive ad campaigns.


3) The recruiters you hired are mostly sending low qualified candidates

You have the feeling no curatorship was done at all before your recruiter sent you a candidate? Or that recruiters are focusing on quantity over quality? I know the feeling.

Recruiters make their money per hire. So it’s perfectly normal they will take their chances on various candidates instead of just a few.

Plus, they have a limited network access and it gets harder to always send top of the market candidates.

If you’re facing that problem, also using a recruitment platform to get referrals from different sources is a good deal.


4) What you’re doing is not enough to supply your demand

Even if you’re living in a “perfect scenario” where you receive dozens of highly qualified applications, ads are connecting you with great people and your recruiters are doing an excellent job, you still might be facing the fact it’s not enough! Your team is growing like crazy and all the good the job still can’t supply the demand.

You could use the help of a recruitment platform to get highly qualified referrals worldwide. After all,  when it comes to finding the perfect team addition, you need to expand your search and connect with the right candidates, no matter where in the world they are. That’s the secret sauce to tech recruiting ;)

Now tell me: did you check all or any of these checklists items? Do you feel you should be using a recruitment platform? Let me know in the comments below.