Ditching bad applications in tech

Ditching bad applications in tech

Spending time with non qualified applications is not exactly something a growing tech company wants to focus on. People responsible for finding and hiring talents in tech are busy all the time with screens, interviews, coding tests, references checks, hiring paperwork and so many other tasks. Wouldn’t it be great to just avoid all those unqualified applications and go straight to those who have the cultural and technical fit you are looking for?

As long as you focus on a few important steps, you can seriously decrease the bad applications received and increase the perfect matching candidates trying to join your team.

Here are a few tips to achieve that:


Your company has an engaging work environment? Is there chance for growth and upward movement? Nice perks on top of challenging work? Use it - showcase it!


Top tech talents will come to you if you have an instigating atmosphere that makes the team happy to come to work.

Maintaining a blog & social media pages and regularly updating them with news about your team, company and day to day culture humanize yourself to potential candidates - it shows them what great things your company provides they won’t find anywhere else. Be honest about who you are as a team and you’ll have bigger chances of attracting people with the cultural fit you want.



Having an amazing product and mission to challenge your team is surely a great way to attract top candidates. But, using your current team as a “bait” is a huge plus! And this is the “secret sauce” every tech recruiter should be using. 


More than dodging the bad applications, you want to focus on getting high qualified professionals applying, right? So, let them know the talented team you already have backing you up and they will be more eager to listen to your offer. 

How you can do that?

  • Be active on LinkedIn. Ask your team to listen your company as their employer - encourage them to update their profiles with former experiences and achievements so prospective candidates can see how great they are and how much they would grow by working side by side with them. 
  • Use your team as recruiters. They’re the best asset you have to finding candidates with the right cultural and technical fit you want because they have this same profile! Ask them for referrals of candidates they think would be a perfect addition to your team and the chances of getting super qualified applications is huge. If you don’t have enough people in your team to generate the amount of referrals you need, ask for other professionals help.


Those great candidates you want to apply but maybe wouldn’t because they’re already happy at their current jobs, will be more open to talk to you because they were referred by a professional they already know, respect and trust.



Having an amazing coding skill set is important -  so is being referred by someone in your team - but it’s equally important to know that this candidate is mentally prepared for the endeavor.


If they’re too young in their career, they will be anxious. This happens when someone is not ready -- technically and personally- to achieve certain goals. They don’t know how to deal with the complexities of the work and tend to get anxious. This, unfortunately, results in loss of productivity for your business.

If they’re too late in their career, they will be bored. That’s what happens when someone is not being challenged!

To attract candidates in the appropriate career moment for your company, you need to clarify the work you need and which experiences you have to offer. Make that clear on the job description (here’s a step by step on how to write a spectacular job description), on the newsletter you send to your team when asking for referrals, during the interviews and hiring process…

Look for candidates with shared values and aligned motivations and on top of getting qualified applications you also get a higher retention rate further on.

Once you start using your employer brand and team to attract top candidates and focus on the career moment to make the perfect hire you’ll see those non qualified candidates' application drop and success rate grow.