The easiest and most effective way to connect with highly qualified engineers worldwide

The easiest and most effective way to connect with highly qualified engineers worldwide


You’re growing your tech team in a crazy speed. You now have to step away from your network to find a bigger pool of talents and no longer can afford to attract the wrong candidates and lose precious time in the hiring process (analyzing code, interviewing) just to find out this person is not “the one”.

And, as you already must have figured it out, connecting with highly qualified engineers from a network you’re not inserted into is hard!

But, here’s the easiest and most effective way to connect with top of the market engineers worldwide: Using referrals of worldwide local tech influencers. You’re not present in every technological pole to know people and ask for their referrals, but every technological pole has its own local tech influencers and you can reach out to them and ask for help :)

By having referrals of worldwide local tech influencers you’re getting qualified leads - no matter where in the world they’re from - and can focus on your internal hiring process instead of “hunting” candidates. Let them come to you through referrals!


How to get referrals from worldwide tech influencers?

Before you get referrals from “outsiders”, first you need to build a relationship with them (or use a tool that already has it). You need to make sure these people are really tech influencers and that you can trust their referrals.

How you ask me? 


  • Many companies choose to send one of their Co-founders or the CTO to certain cities/countries and spend a few weeks/months there to meet people and possible make the firsts new hires before getting close to the local tech influencers and keep them referring people afterwards. This is a significant amount of time and money spent when they should be focusing solely on growing the company - but it’s a possible path.
  • Another one is to do your homework. Deep research about several tech poles, learn who are the tech influencers in each, add them on LinkedIn and start an online relationship that will lead you to the dreamed referrals. Again, it’s a significant amount of time spend, but it’s a nice way to meet the right people and get good candidates applying. 
  • On the other hand, if you’re looking for an easier, most effective and less expensive road you can use web platforms including Code:Nation’s, where you connect from the comfort of your headquarters with a pool of highly qualified software engineers already referred by the best tech influencers from various countries.

Either way, the import here is to get as many worldwide referrals as you can from the most trustworthy professionals as possible - using the method that best fits your working routine.


How to KEEP referrals and connections effectively happening?

Aside of keeping a good employer brand, keeping a good “partner brand” is also key to have a continuous connection with worldwide engineers.


  • First of all, reward whoever gave you a great referral. Might be with cash, prizes or any other form of compensation but do something. Don’t just assume people will take their time to do a recruiter job for you all the time - and for free.  
  • Maintain a good retention rate with the hired referrals. If you hire someone referred to you and fire him/her a month or two later, it won’t look good. Someone took time to find you a top of the market candidate, convinced this person to apply to your company and then you let them go? This will make them think twice before sending another colleague to a possible dead end job. To avoid that, do the following during the interview process:

a) Find out if this person is in the right career moment to join your team. Having an amazing coding skill set is important, but it’s equally important to know that this candidate is mentally prepared for the endeavor.

If they’re too young in their career, they will be anxious. This happens when someone is not ready -- technically and personally- to achieve certain goals. They don’t know how to deal with the complexities of working remotely and tend to get anxious. This, unfortunately, results in loss of productivity for your business.

If they’re too late in their career
, they will be bored. That’s what happens when someone is not being challenged! To find candidates in the appropriate career moment for your company, you need to clarify the work you need and which experiences you have to offer.

b) Preset a working dynamics. Besides being highly qualified and at the right career moment, the ideal candidate should also be aware of the future work dynamics to avoid breaking expectations that could lead a departure from the company. Where are they going to work? Fulltime at an office or can they work from a location of their choice? Who are the Engineers they’ll be working with and how’s the team dynamics? How are they going to be paid? These are honest concerns that need to be pre-set before a hire happens.

What about you? What are your insights about connecting with highly qualified engineers worldwide? Do you have a different vision and would like to share it with us? Please feel free to leave a comment :)