What you win by hiring engineers from different cities

What you win by hiring engineers from different cities?

Top of the market engineers. High retention rates. Affordable salaries. Happy productive team. Those are tech companies aspirations and what CTO’s, CPO’s and Talent Acquisitions are aiming for their core teams.

But, reality shows how hard is to actually achieve that. To grow your core team in the needed speed you have to get dozens of highly qualified applications. And when an amazing application finally shows up it seems to have a hurdle: salary expectations don’t meet or there’s another job offer on the table, for instance. The hiring process lasts more than expected and even when everything works fine, you still worry about retaining this employee who was so hard to get.

The good news is you can work around it! Looking for candidates in different cities and networks means you have a different approach and positive result.  And here’s why that’s going to be a game change:

What you win when hiring engineers from different cities (and countries):

1) You get access to an untapped pool of talents. Instead of battling for the same Engineers other companies around you are, you have the chance to take a not so much explored road and find the next team member - that sees eye-to-eye with your vision - in other cities. This will prevent you from competing for the same candidates. Bonus: top of the market candidates.


2) You can afford the top talents. When you go to the countryside or abroad you have the opportunity to find hidden talents and pay above their network average while still spending less than you would on a same level engineer from your network. You can find amazing hidden talents, help them grow their career (by giving them the chance to work in a company that fits the experiences they’re looking for) and consequently get a top of the market professional. Bonus: affordable salaries.

3) You get a more creative (consequently more productive) team - Because they grew up in a different culture, these individuals have a unique problem solving perspective  and your fast growing company could use it in its favor to grow. Bonus: productive team.





4) You get a key asset in the scalability and growth of your company in new markets. Engineers from new countries are fluent in other languages that can be helpful to you. If they are from the same country but from a new target city, they’ll also be an asset by having contacts in a network you are new at. Bonus: productive team.

5) You get bold and loyal teammates. They’re literally crossing borders (and possibly time zones) to be part of your team - they are as excited as you about the opportunity to achieve both personal and professional goals as part of a growing company. They are in this for the long run. Bonus: retention rate.

There’s an exceptional group of highly qualified engineers hidden in other places. They’re consistently and constantly striving to elevate their career and break through the ceiling that they more often than not have already reached in their local network and it just makes sense you reach out to them and grow together. Don’t you think?

What about you? Have you ever went outside of your network to connect with top of the market candidates? How was your experience? Please feel free to share your experience in the comments :)