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Criado Por: Created by Camila Maia


Loadsmart is a New York company that facilitates how shippers and freight brokers find the right carriers to move their shipments.


You will create a platform that on one side (Shipper/ Freight Broker) allows them to post loads that they need to find a truck for (eg New York, NY - Albany, NY), and on the other side allows carriers to have access to these loads and accept them.

Attributes required in the Register

  • on the Shipper/ Freight Broker side: Name, Last Name, Email and Password;
  • on the Carrier side: Name, Last Name, MC Number (you can see examples of MC Numbers at FMCSA website), Email, Password

External API URLs

Integrate with google maps API to autocomplete name of cities when posting a load.


The price for a load should be $1.50 per mile and the Loadsmart’s margin should be 5% of the total value. For example:

If the total miles from pickup to delivery is 100 miles, the shipper should see the load cost as $150,00 and the carrier should see the value as $142.5 => $150,00 - $7.50 (margin). Loadsmart would receive $150,00 from the Shipper; Loadsmart would pay $142.5 for the Carrier; Loadsmart would earn $7.50 in this transaction.

Shipper/ Freight Broker Page

  • Once user clicks “Add New”, popup should allow user to enter load info:

    • Pickup date
    • Ref #
    • Origin City
    • Destination City
    • Price
    • Suggested Price from Data Science Model
    • “Post Load” button.
  • Once Posted, Load shows up in “Available Loads” list.

  • Once Posted, Load shows up in Carrier Page.

  • When “Report Drop” button is triggered, saved info to database and delete row

  • Edit rate: allows user to edit price

  • Book Carrier: allows user to insert manually a Carrier name and MC that will be deemed as accepted the load.

  • Once a Load is accepted on the Carrier side, move it to “Accepted” section with the name of MC, scraped from FMCSA.


There are some Shippers that don’t want to access the Loadsmart platform to post a load. This happens mainly when they want to post a lot of loads at the same time. They don’t want to visit the website and click button by button for each load. They want to post a load directly from their systems. For that, you will need to build an API that possibility them to:

  • Post a load;
  • List the Shipper’s accepted loads;
  • List the Shipper’s available loads.

Using the same logic, there are some Carriers that don’t want to access the Loadsmart platform to accept a load. For that, your API must also possibility the Carriers to:

  • Accept a load;
  • Drop a load;
  • List all accepted loads;
  • List all dropped loads;
  • List all available loads (the loads the carrier can still accept or drop).

You also need to provide a documentation of how to use the API.

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