Here in CodeNation we prioritize quality over quantity! 🤓 

Once our clients open their job positions with us and we start receiving referrals from great engineers worldwide, we focus hard on the curatorship of these referrals so our clients don’t spend their precious time meeting and testing unqualified candidates.

When the curatorship is done, only the best matching candidates are available to our clients in the platform in order of fit score and they can start their internal hiring process with these highly qualified leads!

In average 1 in 5 candidates sent to our clients is hired!
To showcase how we do that, on this page you can read a real case of one of our clients. Loadsmart is an American company and currently we’ve already helped them to hire 14 engineers (from juniors to the CTO). And here’s how:




Loadsmart is an NYC based tech company that has been a Code:Nation client for over a year. We’ve been helping them build and grow a tech team they’ve structured in Brazil and we are proud to say that they’re a great example of how Code:Nation can help your company.  They showcase all of the points we’ve discussed in this document and, as a result, they’re attracting the most qualified professionals in the market - from Software Engineers to the CTO.

Around 60% of the Brazilians hired by Loadsmart, through our platform, had already worked in countries such as New Zealand, Hungary and Germany. But, at that Career Moment, they needed something else: a remote job that would let them return to their home country yet still challenge themselves in a promising tech company and receive compensation according to their skills (something which does not easily happen with a Brazilian company). This was a natural fit for Loadsmart! They needed professionals with international experience and who were able to work remotely.

And, that’s where Code:Nation came in! We understood what those Engineers wanted from their current career moment and connected them with Loadsmart, a company that could offer the experiences they were hoping for. Once we found and analyzed the candidates (through referrals) and connected them with Loadsmart, Loadsmart was able to show the candidates what a perfect fit they were for their career moment.

We did a meticulous job:  of every 5 candidates suggested to Loadsmart, on average, 1 was hired. This eventually led us to help them build a 14 person team in Brazil in approximately 6 months. Loadsmart was not receiving hundreds of applications from any candidate interested in working for a US company-- they were receiving applications from highly qualified Engineers, referred by respected tech influencers, in the right career moment to do the kind of job that Loadsmart needed. 

Through our platform and the Data Science applied to it, Loadsmart was able to start their team in Brazil, hiring positions ranging from Software Engineers to their Chief Technology Officer (one of the most well-known tech professionals in Brazil).

Loadsmart is still growing its Brazilian team and as we are helping them with that, they are doing some fantastic things to keep the team engaged and loyal: 


  • They treat their Brazilian team as part of their NYC team! They receive the same perks and are constantly connected with the headquarters. Each team contributes equally to product development.
  • Staying connected is so integral that Loadsmart provides the Brazilian team with paid trips to NYC every quarter so they can be with the rest of the team and discuss bigger issues related to the project.
  • They pay above the Brazilian average. Just because they’re in a cheaper country does not mean that they don’t deserve to be financially recognized for their skills. Loadsmart knows that, if they want to keep these top of the market professionals, they need to compensate their employees accordingly.

Doing all of this (while still staying under budget) is ensuring that Loadsmart keeps these qualified professionals engaged and excited to be a part of an international team for a long time to come. 

This Case is part of our WhitePaper Building a tech team outside of silicon valley that really works. If you wish to read the full piece, download it here for free 👈