Eduardo Varela, CEO

Eduardo started working in technology as a developer. He had his own app development company which 2 years later was incorporated by a bigger company starting to build a small startup accelerator. In 2015 he began recruiting tech teams for them and simultaneously became partner with 3 other Startups. That’s when he got into the business development and startup recruiting.

Elton Minetto, CTO

Elton holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is an active member of the open software community. Author of books about PHP he’s also a Zend Framework Evangelist, teacher and speaker in development and startup events.


Gustavo Comitre, CPO
Gustavo graduated in Business Management from UFSC and started his technology career at the startup CUCOhealth as CPO - where he took the app from zero to 80,000 users across several countries, keeping the average rating at 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play and App Store (over 2.300 reviews).

Kris Kuchenbecker, CMO

With a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and qualification in Advertising, Kris has spent her entire professional life working in tech. Her experiences go from working in the marketing and commercial areas in bigger technology companies - developing research work and market analysis - to content marketing planning and development in the startup area.


Daniel Severo, Lead Machine Learning Engineer

With a degree in Electronic Engineering from UFSC, a specialization in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto in Canada and a master's degree in Reinforcement Learning, Daniel Severo is one of the leading names in Data Science in the Santa Catarina technological scene, having led teams of scientists in large companies like Chaordic.

Marcella Rojas, Lead UX Designer

Graduated in Design from UFSC, Marcella also spent 1 year in the United States specializing in Web Design. In recent years she worked as UI / UX Designer for technology companies in Santa Catarina, as mobLee and Conaz where she was responsible for the design of a complex system focused on construction.


Pablo José Cabrera Muñoz, FullStack Developer

With over 13 years of experience, Pablo has gone through major technology companies including Softplan and Chaordic where he has been able to design and implement sophisticated large-scale systems with AWS from the outset, develop enterprise-class systems using multiple RDBMS along with some Geographic Information Systems supported by spatial databases and teach and train high performance teams.

Gustavo Fett, Product Marketing

Gustavo has a Bachelor's degree in Communications and was part of AIESEC  for two years - the largest organization managed by young people in the world. He was part of the executive board and director of marketing for the local committee in Florianópolis, Brazil, working with process of attraction and conversion of leads in sales.


Ingrid Adam, PO Global Network / Talent Acquisition

Ingrid is getting her degree in Psychology and during her academic and professional life she has been volunteering in institutions focused on disabled people. During college she was very engaged and joined the university’s Junior Corporation - where she helped build a whole culture that doubled their income - and organized entire job fair events to connect students from math and science courses to local tech companies.

Bia Favre, Financial and Compliance Management

Bia has worked in national and multinational companies in different segments. Her transition to the financial and compliance area began at PwC, where she was invited to lead the CAE in Rio de Janeiro, the department responsible for consolidation of customer numbers and billing. Since then, she has worked in these areas in companies like Marcel Malczewski's M3 Investimentos. In the last three years, she is dedicated to startups.